Foliobook 1.11 is on the app store

Now that we’ve got through the slightly scary update to 4.2 we can start adding a few of those features people have asked us for. First up is a new thumbnail navigation feature and secondly there is a zoom feature. This is in addition to a new ‘add everything in a folder’ and ‘add multiple images’ feature.

People have been asking to add a folder of images ‘in one go’ for some time, so here it is! We’ve debated the utility of this because importing a single image is a relatively slow process on the iPad so loading a very large folder can take quite a long time. We expect to tune and improve the user experience of this in the coming weeks and months and provide a better indication of what is happening (we couldn’t squeeze that into this release), but at least you don’t have to keep pecking at the selection dialog any more. Instead you can pick a folder and go make a cup of coffee instead….

We hope you love the thumbnail gallery. To see this, just go into your gallery and swipe down from the top of the screen. Swipe up to make them disappear. Simples. We think it looks beautiful and hope you do too.

Zooming is also possible by pinching out on an image. We’ve tried to make this similar in operation to the Apple apps. For the moment there is still some work to do on optimising the image size for zooming, we’ll keep you posted on how this develops.

Again a no cost upgrade for Foliobook users, though this increased functionality means we are making a small price increase. We feel that Foliobook is still (at the moment) the most beautiful portfolio for a professional photography app, and we don’t want people to think ours is just a low-rent option.

Get in touch if you have any feedback about the new features and happy Foliobooking!

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