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Foliobook 1.11 needs location services switched on

In Foliobook 1.11 we added the ability to add multiple images in one operation, or to add a whole folder of images at once.

To do this we used a new Apple facility that provides access to the metadata in images, this includes the location where the images were photographed. We don’t use that information currently, but the very fact we use this new Apple facility means that Foliobook now needs to be allowed to access your Location. We don’t use your current location in any way, so this might seem confusing, but hey… its Apple and we have to accept the occasional eccentricity in exchange for the design and beauty that it comes along with.

So to add pictures with Foliobook 1.11, you *must* allow Foliobook to ‘know your location’ even if we never actually try to access that information.

If you find that your Foliobook gets stuck with a ‘Loading’ message when adding pictures, just go to your settings menu -> General -> Location Services and make sure that is turned on, and that Foliobook is enabled in that menu.

Once you’ve added pictures you can turn it off again, as we don’t need it switched on.

Note that in iOS 4.2 Apps can be ‘backgrounded’ ie: running and retaining their settings but iconised. So restarting an app requires a bit more work than just hitting the round button on the iPad. If you have problems with your app unable to add pictures, and you have just enabled location services then you have to properly stop and restart the app.

To do this, double click the round button on the iPad. Find the Foliobook icon, hold down a touch on it until you see the ‘-‘ sign and select that (it just stops Foliobook properly as with all other apps, it won’t delete it from the iPad in this instance).

Then you can restart Foliobook and all should work as before, but with the new functionality.

Foliobook 1.11 is on the app store

Now that we’ve got through the slightly scary update to 4.2 we can start adding a few of those features people have asked us for. First up is a new thumbnail navigation feature and secondly there is a zoom feature. This is in addition to a new ‘add everything in a folder’ and ‘add multiple images’ feature.

People have been asking to add a folder of images ‘in one go’ for some time, so here it is! We’ve debated the utility of this because importing a single image is a relatively slow process on the iPad so loading a very large folder can take quite a long time. We expect to tune and improve the user experience of this in the coming weeks and months and provide a better indication of what is happening (we couldn’t squeeze that into this release), but at least you don’t have to keep pecking at the selection dialog any more. Instead you can pick a folder and go make a cup of coffee instead….

We hope you love the thumbnail gallery. To see this, just go into your gallery and swipe down from the top of the screen. Swipe up to make them disappear. Simples. We think it looks beautiful and hope you do too.

Zooming is also possible by pinching out on an image. We’ve tried to make this similar in operation to the Apple apps. For the moment there is still some work to do on optimising the image size for zooming, we’ll keep you posted on how this develops.

Again a no cost upgrade for Foliobook users, though this increased functionality means we are making a small price increase. We feel that Foliobook is still (at the moment) the most beautiful portfolio for a professional photography app, and we don’t want people to think ours is just a low-rent option.

Get in touch if you have any feedback about the new features and happy Foliobooking!

Send us your Foliobook home pages!

We’d like to feature your home pages on our website and provide you with an opportunity to enhance your web presence. If you are interested in taking part, simply make a snapshot of your home page in Foliobook and email it to We’ll then include a selection of these on our new website.

To snapshot your home page, start up Foliobook and then simultaneously press the round button and the on off switch on the iPad to make a screen shot. Then go into your Apple Photo’s app and find the snapshot and use the action/email button to send us a copy, along with your preferred copyright statement, your name and the URL of your website.

Status Update and Roadmap Fri 12 Nov 2010

Hot off the press. Apple have OK’d version 1.109 for iOS 4.2. We can go ahead and release this as soon as Apple release iOS4.2, we are guessing that this is not very far away, perhaps a week.

In the meantime we are continuing to bundle features into what will become 1.15, this will include the thumbnails and zoom functionality and a few desired usability fixes (eg:handling galleries of 100 images a bit better).

Once the iOS4.2 live date comes we’ll immediately submit 1.15 to Apple, so these important missing features are available to all Foliobook users as soon as possible. We estimate a week to 10 days following the iOS4.2 release.

Help wanted from UK and USA users

This week we totalled up our star ratings for the various versions of Foliobook. The results we got were very interesting.

Satisfaction has increased hugely from around 2 stars for version 1.0 to the current 1.1 version getting over 4. This parallels our email inbox. 95% of our incoming email is from people who think Foliobook is great.

However, our iTunes store rankings are currently punishingly low because there are currently way more ratings on there for version 1.0 than the current version.

So we would like help from what we think are the ‘silent majority’ of Foliobook users, whose views are currently not represented in our iTunes rankings.

We’d be very grateful if you could post reviews and let everyone know about how you are using Foliobook and how you would rate it.

Of course we’ll take the rough with the smooth, but at the moment, we don’t think our ratings fairly reflect the smooth!

If you like Foliobook, then please write a review. Better reviews = more sales and more sales = more resources we can put back into making Foliobook better.

Grovelling over, have a great weekend.