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Adding a transparent logo to Foliobook

In Foliobook 2.3 its possible to add a transparent png logo and have it overlaid on your home screen. This is particularly useful if you have a video background. However the process of using it isn’t as well documented in the app as it should be. So here is some additional information.

To add a transparent logo to Foliobook’s home view you first need to prepare two PNG files with the following names


While you can make these any size you like, they should probably be around 200-600 pixels depending on your design, but that’s up to you. Just remember that the iPad is a memory constrained device so don’t make any images or resources you add any bigger than you really need them.

The logo.png file will be overlaid on top of your background image or video in landscape format, while the logo-p.png file is used when the app is rotated into portrait format.

Having different images means you can alter the size and layout of the overlaid logos to fit the different formats for a better design.

To add these files to the iPad you need to use iTunes filesharing. At the moment the only way Foliobook can use this is to access these logo files, don’t go adding your images this way as they won’t be accessible when you come to populate your galleries.

1. Open iTunes and connect your iPad. Then select your iPad in the devices menu on the left of iTunes


2. On the right hand pane, select the apps tab for your iPad


3. Now scroll down the apps panel, at the bottom you will find the Filesharing panes. Drag your logo.png files to the document area or use the ‘Add’ button.

4. The logo files are immediately available to Foliobook, you should find that so long as you have the logo image switched on in the style->logos and titles menu that its now visible.  If the logo isn’t visible immediately then double tap your home view, then select the ‘i’ toolbar button and have a look at the help information, this shows you how to find the menu to turn on the logo.