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Foliobook 3.7 update with Web Gallery sharing on iOS 7

Foliobook update 3.7 has been released today with fixes for problems introduced with iOS7 and a new feature

● Web gallery allows sharing 20 images from a gallery as a web slideshow from the app for iOS7 users.

Find the F->Web Publish menu to set up a gallery on the web. We will not share your email address with anyone else. We will only use it to inform you of developments to the Web Gallery service itself.

We used this new feature to create a few online slides to show the basics of the feature.

Web Folio microsite


● Fixed insensitive vertical menu on iOS7
● Removed unwanted additional ‘fade-in’ effect when opening app on iOS7
● Fixed problem on iOS 7 where music cannot be added more than once during an application session
● Fixed crash when locking/unlocking read only on iOS7
● Removed too frequent presentation of memory warning alert on iOS7

iOS 7 migration

Foliobook 3.6 was released to the App store this morning, this runs on iOS 7 which is due to be released today.

Here’s the sequence you can follow when migrating to iOS 7 that will help avoid any problems.

1) Make sure you backup Foliobook *before* updating your iPad to iOS7

How to backup

2) Update your iPad to iOS 7

TIP : Use this approach if possible, making sure first your iPad is charged 40% or more. Make sure your iPad is not connected via a cable to your computer. Go to iPad Settings and in the General tab find software update and perform the update ‘over the air’, this helps avoid some problems with the iTunes restore process.

3) Update your Foliobook to version 3.6

4) If you have problems following the iOS7 update restore the backup made in step 1.

Foliobook 3.5.7 released


We have released Foliobook 3.5.7 today. This contains

a) Important general bugfixes
b) Specific fix to a video loading problem

It’s immediate installation is recommended for all users.

More iOS 7 information

iOS 7 will be released to the public on September 18th. We are submitting our changes for iOS 7 to Apple today so that we can minimise the wait before Foliobook is compatible. Please watch for the 3.6 release which will have full iOS 7 compatibility once it has been approved by Apples quality team.

iOS7 warning

In the next day or so, assuming the rumours are to be believed, Apple will release iOS7

A reminder. Foliobook will NOT run on iOS7 until we have been able to upload our iOS7 upgrade to Apple. As Apple won’t let us get access to the software that is required to upload this version, it will take maybe 7-14 days until our iOS7 compliant version is available on the App store.

We have no ability to upload our code until iOS7 is formally released.

The big players like Apple and Angry Birds, Adobe etc. will already have been allowed to put their versions into the system, so don’t be misled by hearing that some apps work, many, many apps from smaller independent developers will not work properly until we have all been allowed to submit our changed version. We finished the coding a week ago, so all we can do is await permission to press the upload button.

So if Foliobook is a must have at any point in the couple of weeks, please don’t update your iPad to iOS7 just yet.

iOS7 is great by the way, and for anyone with an iPad 2 or later an update well worth getting. We think Foliobook looks even cooler on the new OS and think you will enjoy it.

Foliobook 3.5.6 released

We released an update today containing some important bugfixes and technical internals, recommended for all users

Major fix

- Fixed a bug where importing images unnecessarily resized small images which occasionally causes problems with display quality in galleries

The minor fixes include

- corrected copyright text formatting in the gallery
- fixed some occasional technical bugs which could cause a crash