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Foliobook 1.112 Available from App Store

Foliobook 1.112 fixes some issues with adding photos from a single folder and adds much better responsiveness when using the multiple file chooser and the multiple folder chooser. A useful fix version, don’t delay, download today!

iOS 4.2 get the free update

In case anyone hasn’t already done this we’d like to draw your attention to the fact that once you have upgraded an iPad to the new iOS 4.2 you will need to download the latest version of Foliobook as it contains an important bugfix for iOS 4.2 which causes a crash when pictures are selected.

Upgrading to version 1.109 is free to existing users of Foliobook. As well as being iOS 4.2 compliant, this version of Foliobook now has a handy help system that provides a guide to the gestures needed to use Foliobook.

We’ve waited seemingly weeks for the iOS 4.2 upgrade, but we didn’t go to sleep while we were waiting. We’ve added a bag of superb desirable features to version 1.11 and immediately sent it to Apple for review. So within a week or so Foliobook v1.1 will amaze and amuse… we hope!

Status Update and Roadmap Fri 12 Nov 2010

Hot off the press. Apple have OK’d version 1.109 for iOS 4.2. We can go ahead and release this as soon as Apple release iOS4.2, we are guessing that this is not very far away, perhaps a week.

In the meantime we are continuing to bundle features into what will become 1.15, this will include the thumbnails and zoom functionality and a few desired usability fixes (eg:handling galleries of 100 images a bit better).

Once the iOS4.2 live date comes we’ll immediately submit 1.15 to Apple, so these important missing features are available to all Foliobook users as soon as possible. We estimate a week to 10 days following the iOS4.2 release.

Version 1.109 Update Flash

Its come to our attention that the release of iOS 4.2 may be coming sooner than we expected. For this reason we are going to submit an interim 1.109 update which fixes all our 4.2 problems before adding the thumbnails and zoom. It does include a new context sensitive help feature. 1.11 will follow approximately within a week.

Foliobook 1.11 for iOS 4.2 on its way

With iOS 4.2 around the corner we’ve been working on making sure Foliobook works correctly and well on the new OS that is going to make the iPad an even more essential bit of gear.

We are trying to slip a couple of additional features in at the same time, but the prime goal is stability on the slightly more demanding platform offered by iOS 4.2. No promises, but if possible we’ll add a thumbnail view and a couple of other long awaited wants, but please don’t kill us if we don’t make ‘the gate’. We promise that if they don’t make the 1.11 release they will be along as humanly possibly soon as we can make it happen.