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Foliobook’s top 5 iPad photography and design portfolio cases

There seem to be hundreds of cases for the iPad, but regrettably few suitable for presenting a photographer’s or designer’s best work.  We’ve spent some time finding five of the highest quality ways to enhance your iPad portfolio presentation. Here they are in our top five lineup.

1> Plastic Sandwich

This case from one of the UK’s premier professional photography portfolio providers isn’t cheap, but it allows for the same colourways and personalisation as Plastic Sandwiches other print portfolios. One benefit of this is that your print and iPad portfolios, and your iPad portfolio app can all share a common branding. Very smart. We should also mention that the customer service is second to none.

2> Kenton Sorenson iPad portfolio

This one is really nice.  A take on the simple lovely piece of leather vibe, and of course, easy to stamp with a personal Logo.  Believe it or not, if your potential client feels something as sumptuous as this beneath their fingers, the next commission will be virtually in the bag before they see your work. Gorgeous. I can virtually smell it from here.

3 > The DodoCase

We really want one of these… probably not right for some showings, but this would be an extremely cool gift to present to your tip top client.  They might not give you that next fat commission, but they certainly would not forget who you are.  We couldn’t find a better image on their site to link to, so you’ll have to click here to see just how fantastic they look, this shot doesn’t do them justice.

4 > BoomWave Strapz

This won’t suit everyones style, but for the daring this could be an option, especially for those informal meetings around town. Cushty.

5> The Trip

These make your iPad look like a book. Perhaps a tad informal for a portfolio presentation, but maybe just the thing to use as you flit from Bar Italia to the next trendy coffee house full of potential art buyers.