The Foliobook Hall of Fame

This page celebrates the work of creatives and photographers who have taken the canvas which we provide, and have made it something special with their own branding. All images below remain the copyright of those who contributed them, please contact them if you would like to use them in any way.

Peter Rodriguez – Art Director

Peter Rodriguez

In the interactive industry, user experience is key. That’s why Art Director Peter Rodriguez turns to Foliobook when sharing his client work. Its extensive abilities to customize and update his portfolio lends itself to a fun and truly unique experience for both himself and his clients.

Peter earns his place in the Foliobook hall of fame for both the quality of his design skills and his creative use of some of our apps more advanced features. For a start, he decided to make his home page work a bit harder and created a background image with pseudo-image buttons (note to our developers, could this be something we should look at providing in future?)

Peter created multiple gallery links and laid them underneath each image, then added the same image content for each link under each button. This inventive approach doesn’t take too long if you are well organised, but its something we hadn’t thought of.

The inventiveness doesn’t stop with Peter’s home page though. In addition to that Peter constructed his galleries as though they were a seamless strip of images.

Then in the Foliobook Galleries he used the Wipe Transition and set the image fitting mode to Fill to create a seamless wipe through a strip of apparently continuous images. We can’t show you this here easily, you’ll have to take our word for it, but it looks fabulous.

We love the way our customers use the flexibility of our app to push their own productions to complete individuality. We’ll have to work even harder to carefully add a few more features to allow even greater creativity like this in future.

Here are some larger shots of Peters smart art direction and design, showing the whole of his work for Crane and their Facebook app.

The Operators

The Operators used Foliobook as part of their recent first prize winning entry in Photo District News’ Self-Promotion awards. Of course, we’d have been more than happy to feature their fantastic work here even if they hadn’t won such a prestigious award.

The Operators are one of London’s leading creative photographic retouching and CGI studio. Established in 2007, they have rapidly become industry specialists working on worldwide campaigns across print, film and online media – in doing so, The Operators have built an impressive client base, including, leading advertising agencies and award winning photographers.

Their award winning competition entry included a Foliobook portfolio presented in hand made presentation case created by craft bookbinders.

That image shows a fairly early version of Foliobook. We asked The Operators why they picked it. “We were looking for a concise and elegant way to present our work to photographers, agents and agencies on the ipad. The Foliobook gave us all the necessary tool to present our work the way we wanted”

So here’s some more of their work to enjoy.

Nick Koudis

Nick Koudis

Nick Koudis is an expert with the surreal twist on the celebrity portrait. A photographer and wizard with the digital brush. His portfolio will delight and amaze. Peruse more of his work on his website. But have no fear. As Nick says on his blog “when I shoot, nobody gets hurt” so you are going to be safe. Well, fairly safe.

Here’s his Foliobook home page.

And here are some more of Nick’s images showing some of his super-powers in the creative sphere.

Michael Prince

Michael Prince has the following byline on his website. ‘Michael Prince Presents realistic and surreal images of people, places, and things”. His photography is people oriented and is used in advertising campaigns some of which are featured in the screen shots below. Be sure to browse the wonderful work on his portfolio at
Check out his Foliobook home page

The following screenshots show some of the work Michael features in his presentation, note the use of a tearsheets gallery and some of the ads he shows in his book. When Foliobook supports video (coming soon) Michael will also be able to show his forthcoming motion/advertising work which takes his personal style into a new dimension.

Julian Calverley

Julian’s photography is featured on major advertising campaigns. His landscape photography is sublime, you can see more on his website Here is how his work looks when presented with Foliobook.

Julians home page features a background image with his branding and contact details, with Foliobooks horizontal menu with the background transparency set to zero.

Julian has blogged about Foliobook, read his blog here.

Matthew Furman

Matthew Furman is a portrait photographer based in New York, see his portfolio

Matthew has used Foliobook’s branding, again with a background image and horizontal menu to great effect.

Note that his screenshots were made with an older version of Foliobook so the iPad status bar with the time and battery indicator is visible, this has now been removed at customers request.

Matthews strong portraits look great when presented on the iPad, and Foliobook doesn’t clutter his work with extra design elements.

Read about Matthew’s experience with Foliobook in his blog.

Mike Tittel

Check out his website at for some great action and skiing photography.

Mike used three galleries in his Foliobook portfolio and dropped in a strong logo and background image to make a bold statement that tells us that when we tap on a gallery we’re going to see something punchy and exciting.

Mike’s home page features a background image with his logo, with the Foliobook horizontal menu with the background transparency set to medium transparency.

Mike has blogged about Foliobook, read his blog.

Sean Sprague

Check out Sean’s advertising portfolio, then some screenshots he made of how he used the home page editor in Foliobook to create a strong branding, using a background image and tuning the menu font size to match his background image logo and titling.

Sean integrates his tearsheets into one of his Foliobook galleries.

Sean has blogged about Foliobook and some alternatives here

More in the making

This recent blog article on Photoshelter features two photographers who were also using Foliobook at the time of writing.

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