Foliobook 3.7.5 released

The latest release of Foliobook (3.7.5) fixes a number of bugs and irritations and has a nice new font (OCR-A) to play with.

This is likely to be the last update targeted at both iOS 7.x and 8, future versions are more likely to migrate to iOS8 (and 9 assuming it comes out later this year)

iOS 8 is recommended for users. As ever, before updating an operating system its a good idea to ensure you have both a complete backup of your iPad, either made with iTunes or with iCloud, *and* to have made a backup of the Foliobook portfolio and save it somewhere safe off the iPad. We still do very occasionally find people have lost images after upgrading iOS, though this is becoming less frequent with subsequent releases of iOS.

Video on how to backup. The screens have changed a bit, but the basics are the same.

Here are the details of the changes


– Added the OCR-A font.

Fixes to problems

– fixed a problem where music continued playing after leaving a gallery
– problem with editing gallery/category name after creation
– fixed problem with emailing a lightbox
– problem with transparency in Foliobook transition after zooming
– fixed problem where vertical menu did not preserve text spacing
– fixed problem with appearance of Dropbox login in lightbox

iOS8 progress

iOS8 progress

We are nearly there…

We uploaded our iOS8 tweaked version of the app to Apple’s QA department close a week ago. We are currently waiting for Apple to approve this and make it live on the app store.

Work carries on in the meantime with an additional update ready for as soon as Apple approves that one. This next update includes one more iOS8 fix as well as a modification for how zoom is handled. Some people have found that when people ‘pinch’ to stop zooming they can inadvertently leave a gallery.

We think we have a solution to this that is very simple and allows us to retain the pinch to navigate model that Apple use in a number of their apps. In a few weeks you’ll be able to tell us if this works as well as we hope it does.

In the background is planning for an iPhone 6 version. With the huge screened iPhone 6 plus, and the nicely sized 6 available we are exploring how we can get the app to work on these devices. The smallest phones seem a little small but work we have been doing over the last year on a new version of the customisation interface means we think we have a way to do it.

The IndieApocalypse.

The going has been tough for independent app developers in the last year. Many people are going under. Its even got a name, its called the ‘Indieapocalypse’. It turns out that many if not most independent app developers are underwater financially.

Luckily Foliobook has only ever been a part of our business with architectural photography and some app consulting making up the other parts. We’d dearly like to make Foliobook a full time business, there is so much it would be nice to do to the app, but it has to be said, it’s tough to do that when you can only charge a few dollars for an app just one time. We hope to introduce new products to tempt new and buy xanax online for existing customers in the near future, maybe if they succeed we can one day fully give up the day job.

Foliobook and iOS8

The current release of Foliobook has several major problems on iOS8.

Our update to fix these problems is in Apple’s review queue, but it has not been approved yet and iOS8 is due for release on September 17th.

Please do not install iOS8 if Foliobook is an important app for you. The update to Foliobook 3.7.3 fixes major problems but will only be available once it is approved by Apple in a few days time.

Please contact us at if you have further questions.

Foliobook 3.7.2 with improved Web publisher

In addition to its offline portfolio capabilities, Foliobook allows the user to upload a gallery turning it very quickly into a web slideshow that can be easily shared with clients or friends.

Foliobook update 3.7.2 has been released today with an update for the web publishing feature and a number of fixes.

The web publishing feature has improved reliability when uploading files. We’d still recommend that users find a good network before uploading a lot of files, but in general uploading should work a lot more smoothly. In addition, if there is an upload problem, then things should recover a lot more quickly from the problem when the user tries another upload.

With this in mind, we increased the size of a web gallery to 250 images, so in any gallery can be published to the web as there is no size limit.

This version of Foliobook includes some hidden publishing power that we hope to unleash in the months ahead.

Here’s a short (3.5 minute) video explaining how to use the feature.

Foliobook Web Publishing 1 from Foliobook on Vimeo.

In this screencast we show how to sign up and publish a gallery of images to the web using Foliobook's web publishing module

Fixes in v3.7.2

  • When using the video plugin, most of the time a loaded video will have a usable poster image assigned automatically, in the past these were often blank
  • tutorial links inside the app work correctly with the online documentation
  • backgrounds that are not exactly sized now appear correctly on iPad Air
  • faster navigation when Guided Access is operating
  • the correct web page is displayed in the publishing window following a successful upload
  • web gallery uploading reliability has been improved
  • when swiping in a gallery the correct image is shown when swiping to the right on the first image
  • when swiping in a gallery using the fade transition, the transition works with the same visual smoothness in both play directions
  • internal improvements resulting in less space wastage with background image files

Known problems in 3.7.2

Video Plugin

As we said above we improved the auto selection of poster images for videos for those using the video plugin. However there is currently a bug when manually reselecting a poster image that make a gallery appear to be ‘corrupt’ when the poster image is added manually. We will correct this in a fix update in the near future, but for the moment you can buy viagra online and avoid manually adding a poster image.

Note that any video poster images assigned manually before upgrading are preserved so most people should not see this problem.

Foliobook 3.7 update with Web Gallery sharing on iOS 7

Foliobook update 3.7 has been released today with fixes for problems introduced with iOS7 and a new feature

● Web gallery allows sharing 20 images from a gallery as a web slideshow from the app for iOS7 users.

Find the F->Web Publish menu to set up a gallery on the web. We will not share your email address with anyone else. We will only use it to inform you of developments to the Web Gallery service itself.

We used this new feature to create a few online slides to show the basics of the feature.

Web Folio microsite


● Fixed insensitive vertical menu on iOS7
● Removed unwanted additional ‘fade-in’ effect when opening app on iOS7
● Fixed problem on iOS 7 where music cannot be added more than once during an application session
● Fixed crash when locking/unlocking read only on iOS7
● Removed too frequent presentation of memory warning alert on iOS7