Changing the background

Say goodbye to the starting view with the Foliobook logo!

In this demo you can see how the customisation of your personal brand can be created very quickly.

To improve the ‘presentation experience’ Foliobook has a ‘cover’ customiser that allows you to create your own branding when the app starts up. You can load an image with a logo as the cover background or if you haven’t got one right away you can choose from a set of presupplied background textures.

Foliobook has been designed to be expandable and allow different designs, types of ‘page’ and more capabilities that may be announced in future.

Adding a text logo or a title

Here’s how to overlay a text title on a background image or video. Its also possible to overlay a graphic logo with transparency, but thats a subject for another video coming in the near future.

Adding images to Foliobook, part 1

In this first video we show how we sync images from a computer to the iPad using iTunes and provide a couple of tips on how to organise folders on the computer to maximise quality and ease of use in Foliobook

Adding images to Foliobook, part 2, adding images to a gallery

Once images are loaded onto your iPad and visible in your photos app you can import them into Foliobook, here’s how.

Sorting images in the lightbox

Getting images in the right order, deleting and emailing them are covered in this introduction to the lightbox which is accessible from the gallery toolbar

Viewing and navigating in a gallery

How to view the pictures, navigate and customise the appearance and transitions of a gallery.

The demo only shows landscape images, but portrait images can be shown as well and rotating the portfolio will cause the image to fill the screen in the correct aspect ratio.

Foliobook also allows you to email an image, or a set of images, complete with copyright information and a predefined email subject line.

This is the basic core of what Foliobook is, a simple, clean way to rapidly sort and present your work, with your branding leading the way.

Adding more galleries

The following screencast video shows how to add more galleries to Foliobook

Organising your galleries with subcategories – Introduction

Organising your galleries with subcategories – Part 2

Navigating Tips

Updated video coming soon

And here’s how to use a background image and empty buttons to create a pixel perfect professional home page.

Creating a complete brand customisation

Updated video coming soon

Adding a graphic logo using .png file

Use iTunes filesharing to add a file called logo.png to your documents area and you can then enable this in Foliobook. Add a file called logo-p.png for a different image logo overlay in portrait format.

Video coming soon

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